Administrative Access Best Practices

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Firewalls and Panorama centralized management servers are the gatekeepers and protectors of your network. To prevent attackers from gaining access to these devices and reconfiguring them to permit malicious access to your network, follow these best practices to secure administrative access.

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Best Practice Assessment Plus (BPA+) Tool Demo

View the BPA+ demo, which shows you how to check your PAN-OS best practice configuration and update it if necessary.

BPA+ YouTube Channel

Click "View BPA+ Playlist" to access all of the BPA+ videos, including best practice network security checks and a demo.

Failed Administrative Access Attempts Settings Best Practices (BPA+)

Use the BPA+ to check the number of failed access attempts your admins are allowed and ensure that your configuration adheres to network security best practices.

Lockout Time Settings (BPA+)

Use the BPA+ to check the lockout time for admins, set it according to network security best practices, and protect your network.