Create Internet-to-Data-Center Decryption Policy Rules

Create rules that decrypt partner, vendor, customer, and other third-party traffic from the internet to the data center so you can inspect the traffic and protect your most valuable assets against malware and other threats.
Create Decryption policy rules to provide visibility into traffic that enters the data center from the internet so that you can apply Security policy to that traffic. When you create a Security policy rule that allows access to a set of data center servers, create a decryption policy rule to decrypt that traffic. In Create Internet-to-Data-Center Application Allow Rules, we created a Security policy rule that allows access from internet to the web server tier in the data center, using only allowed applications. Here we create a decryption policy rule (
) to decrypt the traffic that this rule allows.
To decrypt traffic so that a Security policy rule can examine it and allow or block it based on policy, the Decryption policy rule must use the same source zone(s) and user(s) as the analogous security policy rule, and the same destination zone and address (often defined by a dynamic address group so that as you add or remove servers, you can update the firewall without a commit operation). Defining the same source and destination in the Security policy and in the Decryption policy applies both policies to the same traffic.
The decryption rule uses the Best Practice data center decryption profile shown in Create the Data Center Best Practice Decryption Profiles.
For each rule, configure decryption logging and log forwarding. Log as much decryption traffic as your firewall resources permit.
  1. Decrypt allowed traffic from the internet to data center web servers.
    This rule shows how to decrypt traffic from externally initiated connections to the data center. For example, the application allow rules we created enable external traffic access to the data center web serves, using only certain applications. To protect the data center web servers, decrypt traffic so the firewall can inspect it and apply threat prevention profiles.
    To create this rule:
    • Specify the same source and destination as in the analogous security policy rule. In this case, the Source is the
      zone, and the Destination is the servers specified in the
      dynamic address group in the
    • On the Options tab, set the Action to
      and the decryption Type to
      SSL Inbound Inspection
      . Specify the server certificate for the web servers and apply the data center best practice Decryption Profile to apply SSL Inbound Inspection and SSL Protocol Settings to the traffic.
  2. Create similar Decryption policy rules for traffic from the internet to any other server group, if such access is allowed, and for the other applications you allow.

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