Best Practices for Migrating to Application-Based Policy

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Enable visibility into the applications on the network to help you create and enforce security policy rules.

Security Policy Rule Optimization

Migrate port-based Security rules to app-based rules, remove unused apps from rules, and safely enable apps without compromising availability.

Expedition Migration Tool

Reduce the time and effort to migrate a configuration from one of the supported vendors to Palo Alto Networks.

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Best Practices for Applications and Threats Content Updates

Learn the best practices for keeping application and threat content signatures up-to-date seamlessly.

Decryption Best Practices

You can't defend against threats you can’t see. By enabling decryption on your next-gen firewalls you can inspect and control SSL/TLS and SSH traffic so that you can detect and prevent threats that would otherwise remain hidden in encrypted traffic. Use the best practice guidelines in this site to learn how to plan for and deploy decryption in your organization.


Use Policy Optimizer to Improve your Security Posture

Moving from port-based legacy firewall rules to App-ID™ technology-based ones greatly reduces the opportunity for attack. However, that transformation takes time, effort, and resources. The new Policy Optimizer makes it easy. It uses simple workflows and intelligence gathered by PAN-OS to move from legacy rules to App-ID based controls and strengthen your security.

How To Implement App-ID on Your Next-Generation Firewall

Watch the video to learn how to implement App-ID on your next-generation firewall to protect against increasingly evasive threats and prevent successful cyber breaches.