: Remove User Access Through Common Services

Remove User Access Through Common Services

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Remove User Access Through
Common Services

Learn how to remove
user access.
Common Services
enables you to remove user access from the platform, as well as from the tenants that you created.
Hover over the email address in the
column, to see any reasons why a user's access cannot be removed:
  • If the tenant has only one user, that user’s access cannot be removed from the tenant.
  • If you integrate with a third party IDP for your enterprise, you cannot remove user access directly from the tenant. You need to remove the access from the third party portal.
  • If the user's access is inherited from a parent tenant, the access can only be removed at the parent level.
  1. Use one of the various ways to access
    Common Services
    Identity & Access
  2. Select
    Identity & Access/Access Management
    . Only one way is shown here.
  3. Select the tenant where you want to remove user access.
  4. Select one or more users whose access you want to remove.
  5. Select
  6. When prompted,
    the user’s access from the selected tenant.

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