Partner Interoperability for VM-Series Firewalls

Partner certification and interoperability index for the VM-Series firewalls.
Palo Alto Networks offers two tiers of support for third-party partner platforms for the VM-Series Next Generation Firewall—Palo Alto Networks Certified and Partner-Qualified. The VM-Series firewall provides the same security features and functionality regardless of support tier; the difference lies in what types of issues Palo Alto Networks is able to help you resolve.
  • Partner Qualified—Palo Alto Networks customer support assists you with any issue directly related to the VM-Series firewall. VM-Series issues are defined as issues that occur after a packet enters the firewall. This does not include issues related to a partner platform.
    VM-Series issues include:
    • PAN-OS configuration
    • VM-Series upgrades
    • VM-Series licensing
    • VM-Series documentation
  • Palo Alto Network Certified—Palo Alto Networks customer support assists with all VM-Series firewall issues as well as issues related to the partner platform. Platform issues are defined as issues that involve a packet outside of the VM-Series firewall, such as arriving or leaving the firewall or hypervisor or an issue with the hardware configuration.
    Platform issues include:
    • Network interfaces not recognized by VM-Series firewall
    • VM-Series firewall not booting
    • Platform configuration
    • Bootstrapping of the VM-Series firewall
    • Connections to other networking devices
    • High availability (HA)
    • I/O Acceleration (DPDK, SR-IOV, and PCI-Passthrough)
For a complete list of the partner platforms supported in each tier, refer to:

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