Configure the Log Table

Adjust your Explore log table to choose which fields appear. Pin fields to have them appear first.
By default, the log table shows you a subset of the fields on the log record. These are shown in the order that they appear on the log record. The exception is the pinned field, which is shown as the first column in the table, and is by default the record's
Time Generated
You can change the fields that are displayed in the log table, their order, and which fields are pinned. To do this, click on the menu control in any table column header:
In the resulting pop-up, you can configure your table settings. Use
Pin Column
to control whether the current column is pinned.
You can also identify which fields appear in the log viewer table. Use the Search field to quickly find a specific field. Fields that are checked will appear in the log viewer table.
Finally, click and drag on any column header to reorder the table columns.

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