System Syslog Default Field Order

Example System log in Syslog:
Oct 13 01:17:01 xxx.xx.x.xx 344 <142>1 2020-10-13T01:17:01.322Z stream-logfwd20-156653024-10121421-eq28-harness-16kn logforwarder - panwlogs - 1,​2020-10-13T01:16:46.000000Z,​007051000113358,​SYSTEM,​general,​,​2020-10-13T01:16:26.000000Z,​vsys1,​unknown,​,​,​0,​,​Informational,​EDL(red_edl) No changes to list file,​160444,​-9223372036854775808,​0,​0,​0,​0,​,​PA-VM,​,​,​2020-10-13T01:16:26.000000Z
The following identifies the fields contained by default when you forward logs to a syslog receiver. The fields are identified in the default order that they appear in each log line.

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