Get Started with Enterprise DLP API

Steps for beginning to use Enterprise DLP API like getting Oauth access tokens.
You can access DLP data using the DLP APIs. To get started, simply retrieve your access tokens. You can create up to three tokens. When you initially create a token, you’ll be issued both an access token and a refresh token. You must send the access token in your header. Access tokens expire after 60 minutes; before expiration, refresh the token. Refresh tokens expire after 6 months.
  1. Select
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Create Token
      , specify a
      Token Name
      , then
      . If you select create, you will then be asked to allow the token access to selected scopes.
    • Revoke
      , then confirm.
    • Renew
      , then confirm.
Using the generated credentials, you can send requests to the API to either:

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