End-of-Life (EoL)

GlobalProtect App 4.1.13 Addressed Issues

The following table lists the issues that are addressed in GlobalProtect™ app 4.1.13.
Issue ID
Fixed an issue where security policies were configured using HIP objects but traffic was denied for GlobalProtect users because GlobalProtect did not generate a HIP report, along with the error
Failed to create process PanGpHip.exe
Fixed an issue where the GlobalProtect app was unable to connect to the portal following an upgrade. When the GlobalProtect installer removed the older version of the GlobalProtect service (PanGPS) from the endpoint, the endpoint was unable to update its list of installed services before the installer attempted to add the newer version of PanGPS. Because the installer continued to detect the older version of PanGPS in the installed services list, it was unable to install the newer version.
Fixed an issue on Windows endpoints where, if you configured a split tunnel to exclude traffic for a specific destination domain, users were unable to access the domain after their endpoints woke up from sleep mode.
Fixed an issue on Windows endpoints where users were unable to change their passwords through the GlobalProtect credential provider when they logged in with usernames in the User Principal Name (UPN) format.
Fixed an issue on Windows 10 endpoints where the GlobalProtect status panel automatically closed when traffic blocking notifications displayed, thereby hiding one-time password (OTP) prompts.

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