GlobalProtect App 5.3 Known Issues

See the list of the known issues in GlobalProtect app 5.3.
The following table describes known issues in the GlobalProtect app 5.3 releases.
Issue ID
When you install the CLI version of the GlobalProtect app 5.3.1 on Ubuntu Linux devices, the warning message
Warning: gpa.service changed on disk. Run ‘systemctl --user daemon-reload’ to reload units.
displays on the terminal.
When the GlobalProtect app was installed on Linux devices, the users were unable to logon to the app due to authentication failure in the gateway pre-login stage.
When end users use the GUI version of the GlobalProtect app on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4 Linux devices and they launch the app, sign in, and try to lock or sign out from the RHEL 8 client system, the GlobalProtect system tray icon is missing from the taskbar.
  • Lock the screen and unlock with password.
  • Logout and login again.
  • Restart the device.
  • Power cycle to reboot the system.
On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4 Linux devices, when the extended display is set as the left monitor, the GlobalProtect system tray icon and the GUI version of the GlobalProtect app are not displayed on the same monitor.
If you did not add or modify the pre-deployment settings correctly to the pre-deployment configuration file (
) for the Linux devices, you might have issues to unistall the GlobalProtect app.
When you uninstall the GlobalProtect app 5.2.5 and install 5.3.0 on Linux devices, the version of the GlobalProtect is not displayed correctly on the
About GlobalProtect
: End users must reboot and log out of their device.
When you attempt to establish a connection with the portal on Linux devices, the portal is down or unreachable. The GlobalProtect app continues to stay in connecting state.
After end users can successfully authenticate with the Identity Provider (IdP) on Linux devices using Chrome or any Chromium-based browser, the callback window sometimes does not automatically appear.

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