: ION 1000 Ports
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ION 1000 Ports

The ports on the Prisma SD-WAN ION 1000 are used for LAN, WAN, and internet connectivity.
The ports on the ION 1000 are used as follows:
This port is an auxiliary access port intended for offline access, configuration, and troubleshooting of a system during installation.
Internet/LAN/WAN Ports
Ports 1- 4 are individual ports, used for internet, local area network (LAN), or multi-path label switching (MPLS) connectivity. By default, all ports 1- 4 are DHCP-enabled ports. On the LAN port, configure the application reachability probe to monitor the reachability of an application on a given path. If you do not configure a port for the application probe, an alarm is raised to indicate that application probe is disabled.

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