: Install the ION 1200 on a Wall

Install the ION 1200 on a Wall

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Install the
1200 on a Wall

Install an
1200 and its power supply on a wall using the provided wall-mount kit.
Install an
1200 on a drywall or plywood wall using the wall-mount kit as described in the following procedure.
  1. Mark four locations on the wall that line up with the wall mount holes on the bottom of the device as shown in the Wall Mount Template.
    To ensure the wall mount screws line up with the device mount holes, print the Wall Mount Template in landscape mode and actual size in the Print options to ensure the screw hole markers line up correctly.
    Ensure there are no building services (water, gas, or wiring) behind the wall where you intend to install the device.
  2. Use a #1 Phillips-head screwdriver to install the appropriate screws into each of the four marked locations:
    • Drywall—Press a drywall anchor slightly into the center of a template mark. Then use the screwdriver to apply pressure while turning the anchor clockwise until the surface of the anchor is flush with the wall. After the drywall anchor is secure, install a 1.25” anchor screw into the anchor until the bottom of the screw head protrudes 1/4” (.6cm) from the wall. Repeat this step for the other three screw locations unless either is located over wood, in which case, use a .75” wood screw instead of a drywall anchor and screw.
    • Plywood wall—Use the screwdriver to insert a .75” wood screw into the center of each template mark that is located over wood until the bottom of the screw heads protrude 1/4” (.6cm) from the wall.
  3. Align the four holes on the bottom of the device with the four screws on the wall and hang the device on the screws. Make sure the device is securely connected to each of the four screws before you let go.
  4. Install the power adapter in the wall-mount bracket using the Velcro strap and cable tie. Make sure to align the cable tie with the notches in the bracket to prevent the power cord from falling out.
    After you secure the power adapter to the bracket, mount the bracket next to the device using wood or drywall screws as appropriate.
    The following image shows a completed installation for an
    1200 with a single power adapter.

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