Install the ION 1200 Using the Racktray

Install an ION 1200 in an equipment rack using mounting brackets and rails.
Mount the ION device in a 19” equipment rack using the racktray. The mounting equipment requires 1 RU of rack space.
Maintain a minimum of 7.5" height clearance for the antennas in the rack.
  1. Slide one of the adjustable mounting brackets into one of the fixed mounting brackets to create a mounting rail. Repeat for the second mounting rail. The adjustable and fixed brackets are the same for the left and right side.
  2. Align the bottom edge of the mounting rails to the bottom of the 1 RU rack space reserved for the device. Align the slotted holes in the adjustable mounting bracket to the holes on the rear of the equipment frame.
    The mounting rails are designed for equipment frames that are 26” to 32” deep.
  3. Secure the rails to the equipment frame with mounting screws (not provided) compatible with your equipment frame. Tighten the screws to their recommended torque value.
  4. With the front of the device facing forward, align the four rubber feet on the bottom of the device to the slotted holes in the provided mounting tray.
  5. Secure the device in place using three of the provided #6-32 x 3/16” Long Flathead screws.
  6. Slide the device power supply into the marked position and fasten the provided velcro strap around the power supply until it is secure in place.
  7. Plug the power supply connector into the back of the device. Using the provided tie-wraps, bind and secure the power supply cable to the metal hooks in the mounting tray.
  8. Slide the mounting tray into the rails previously fixed to the equipment rack. Stop when the front flange on the mounting tray is flush with the front of the rail.
  9. Align the slotted holes in the mounting tray to the holes in the equipment frame. Secure the mounting tray to the equipment frame on both sides using 3 screws each (not provided). The screws must be compatible with your equipment frame.

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