ION 1200 LEDs

Refer to the ION 1200 device front panel images for position of the LEDs on the ION 1200 devices and its description.
ION 1200
  • Green LED indicates the device is powered on.
  • Red LED indicates that the device is not getting enough power.
Operating System Status
  • Green LED indicates OS is running.
  • Red LED indicates secure boot has failed.
  • Green LED indicates that the device is connected to the controller.
  • Red LED indicates the device is attempting to connect to the controller.
Link Activity
On ethernet ports, the right LED displays the link activity. The LED blinks when there is activity detected on the link.
Link Speed
On ethernet ports, the left LED displays the link speed on the port.
  • Off—No link or speed is 10Mbps.
  • Green—Link detected and speed is 100Mbps.
  • Yellow—Link detected and speed is 1Gbps.
The following table describes the cellular LED.
Cellular LED
Cellular ION Device
The device cellular LED indicates the signal strength.
  • Off—No modem detected.
  • Solid green LED indicates maximum signal strength.
    Blinking green LED indicates good to poor Radio Signal Strength Indicator. The cellular LED blinking rate is based on the signal strength:
    • 25 blinks in 10 seconds—Good signal strength.
    • 10 blinks in 10 seconds—Fair signal strength.
    • 5 blinks in 10 seconds—Poor signal strength.
    You can also the view the signal strength on the Interface tab of the Prisma SD-WAN web interface.
    - Excellent
    - Good
    - Fair
    - Poor
    - Modem Error, hover over the icon to see the error.
    - No modem or signal detected.

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