Overview ION 1200

Learn about the new next-gen enterprise branch device ION 1200.
Prisma SD-WAN ION 1200 is a next generation software defined enterprise branch device with integrated 4G or 5G cellular network access. With the introduction of ION 1200, you can accelerate your SASE deployment to branch offices by leveraging 4G or 5G connectivity without installing additional hardware in the branch. Use the 4G or 5G network as the primary WAN connectivity to enable rapid deployment of ATMs or kiosk systems or as a secondary backup link to improve the resilience of the branch WAN.
The variants of the ION 1200 series are:
  • ION 1200
    : Enterprise small branch.
  • ION 1200-C-NA
    ION 1200-C-ROW
    ION 1200-C-NA: Enterprise small branch with integrated 4G LTE for North America (NA).
    ION 1200-C-ROW: Enterprise small branch with integrated 4G LTE for APAC and EMEA (Rest of the World).
  • ION 1200-C-5G-WW
    Enterprise small branch with integrated 5G for world wide (WW).

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