Set Up the ION 3000 by Replacing the Router

Set up the ION 3000 in control mode by replacing the router.
Set up the ION 3000 by replacing the existing router. This mode allows you to configure the ION 3000 as a drop-in replacement for a WAN router in control mode and is most useful for saving cost at new sites that are designed without a traditional router in mind.
While this mode is used to remove an existing router at a site, it is often simpler and less intrusive to deploy the ION in control mode with an existing router.
  1. Plan and prepare to cable and connect the ION 3000 to the network.
    Ensure there is internet access using broadband or a private network connection at the site to allow remote configuration of the ION 3000.
  2. Power on the ION 3000.
  3. Connect the following cables:
    1. Controller port—The controller port is used for ION-to-network controller communication and monitoring. Connect the controller port to an ethernet port. The controller port is configured as a DHCP client by default.
    2. Internet port(s)—Plug the internet ports in a broadband internet source. These ports are protected by a firewall and can be plugged directly to the internet source. They can also exist behind a traditional firewall or NAT device. These ports are configured as DHCP by default. If the internet ports require static IP configuration, it is highly recommended that you configure the controller port to an existing DHCP-enabled LAN with access to the internet using a private network to configure the static internet ports.
    At this point, the ION 3000 appears as
  4. Next Step
    : Proceed to claim and configure the device on the Prisma SD-WAN console.

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