Claim the ION Device

Learn about how to claim the ION device.
Devices visible in your inventory are available for you to claim and then assign to sites. The claim process authenticates and legitimizes the devices on each site. The devices come online with enough knowledge to connect with the Prisma SD-WAN controller in the appropriate customer context and start forwarding flows.
A data center and the ION 7000 or 9000 are not required for a simple deployment where you intend to simply monitor the network and capture analytics in a branch, or actively control traffic between private WAN and direct internet without VPNs. However, if you do have a data center, claim the ION device at your data center as follows:
  1. From the Prisma SD-WAN web interface, select
    Unclaimed Devices
    A list of unclaimed devices in your inventory is displayed.
  2. Hover to the right of the device and under
    , select the icon.
  3. From the drop-down, choose
    the device and click
  4. Repeat the above claim process for all additional devices on your site.
    Upon completion of the claim process, all customer-specific certificates are downloaded to the device. Briefly, during this period, the device goes offline. When it comes back online, the State of the device changes to Claimed and Online.

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