: M-300 Appliance Back Panel
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M-300 Appliance Back Panel

Learn about the M-300 appliance back-panel components.
The following image shows the back panel of the M-300 appliance and the table describes each back-panel component.
Power supplies
Use the AC power supply inputs to connect power to the appliance. The second power supply is for redundancy.
Ethernet ports
Two RJ-45 100Mbps/1Gbps/10Gbps Ethernet ports. While facing the back of the appliance, the ports are labeled as follows:
The port labels are located on top of the appliance.
  • Left
    —Management (MGT) port used for managing the appliance and for data traffic.
  • Right
For information on configuring these ports, refer to the Panorama™ Administrator’s Guide on the Technical Documentation Portal for the release version running on your appliance.
USB ports
Not used.
IPMI port
Not used.
Console port
Use this port to connect a management computer to the appliance using a 9-pin serial cable and terminal emulation software.
The console connection provides access to appliance boot messages, the Maintenance Recovery Tool (MRT), and the command line interface (CLI).
If your management computer does not have a serial port, use a USB-to-serial converter.
Use the following settings to configure your terminal emulation software to connect to the console port:
  • Data rate: 9600
  • Data bits: 8
  • Parity: None
  • Stop bits: 1
  • Flow control: None
Unique Identification (UID) LED
UID LED that illuminates bright blue when you push the UID button on the front of the appliance.
For information on using the UID feature, see the UID button description for the M-300 Appliance Front Panel.

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