PA-1400 Series Firewall Overview

Learn about the PA-1400 Series firewall.
The Palo Alto Networks® PA-1400 Series Next-Generation firewalls are designed for distributed enterprise branches and data centers. This series is comprised of the PA-1410 and PA-1420 firewalls. These models provide flexibility in performance and redundancy to help you meet your deployment requirements. Some of its features include Power Over Ethernet (PoE) capability, power redundancy, and Multi-Gig ports. The PA-1400 Series provides next-generation security features to help you secure your organization through advanced visibility and control of applications, users, and content.
First Supported Software Release:
PAN-OS® 11.0
The following topics describe the hardware features of PA-1400 Series firewalls. To view or compare performance and capacity information, refer to the Product Selection tool.

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