Connect AC Power to a PA-3200 Series Firewall

Learn how to connect AC power to a PA-3200 Series firewall.
The following procedure describes how to connect AC power to a PA-3200 Series firewall with AC power supplies.
The power configuration (AC or DC) can be changed in the field. However, you cannot install both an AC and DC power supply in the same firewall. The firewall ships with AC power supplies (DC power supplies sold separately).
To avoid injury to yourself or damage to your Palo Alto Networks® hardware or the data that resides on the hardware, read the Product Safety Warnings.
  1. Remove the two nuts and star washers from the ground studs on the back of the firewall and then remove the two-post ground lug.
  2. Crimp a 6AWG ground cable (not included) to the two-post ground lug and then attach the ground lug to the ground studs on the firewall. Replace the star washers and nuts and torque to 25 in-lbs. Connect the other end of the ground cable to earth ground.
  3. Connect the AC power cord to power input 1 (PWR 1) and connect a second power cord to power input 2 (PWR 2).
  4. Secure the power cords to the power supplies using the Velcro straps.
  5. Connect the other end of the power cords to an AC power source. After the first power supply is connected, the power supply powers on, the input and output LEDs on the power supply turn green, and the PWR LED and the power supply LED (PWR 1 or PWR 2) on the front of the firewall turns green.
    Connect the second power cord through a different circuit breaker to provide power redundancy and to allow for electrical circuit maintenance.

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