: Replace a PA-3200 Series Drive
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Replace a PA-3200 Series Drive

Learn how to replace the SSD drive on a PA-3200 Series firewall. The SSD drive contains the system files and logs.
The PA-3200 Series firewalls use a single solid-state drive (SSD) to store the PAN-OS system files, system logs, and network traffic logs. If this drive fails, you must replace it to restore functionality to the firewall.
The replacement drive ships with a factory default PAN-OS image with the default configuration. After you install the new drive, you will need to obtain a backup configuration that you saved from the failed firewall to restore your configuration.
To avoid injury to yourself or damage to your Palo Alto Networks® hardware or the data that resides on the hardware, read the Product Safety Warnings.
  1. Disconnect power from the firewall. For AC power supplies, remove the AC power cords. For DC power supplies, shut down the DC power source.
  2. Press the ejector button on the drive carrier to release the carrier handle and gently pull the handle toward you to remove the carrier and drive.
  3. Remove the replacement drive from the packaging and place it on an antistatic surface.
  4. Install the replacement drive in the drive carrier.
    1. Place the failed drive next to the replacement drive with the connectors facing the same direction.
    2. Remove the four screws that hold the failed drive in the carrier and remove the drive from the carrier.
    3. Install the replacement drive in the carrier and secure it using the four screws you removed from the failed drive.
  5. Install the replacement drive in the firewall.
    1. Ensure that the drive carrier lever is in the open position; if it is not, press the ejector button on the drive carrier to release the lever and pull it out until it is fully open.
    2. Slide the replacement drive and carrier assembly into the empty drive bay until it is about 1/4” (.6cm) from being fully inserted.
    3. Before fully inserting the drive carrier, ensure that the lever attaches to the locking mechanism on the firewall and then close the lever to seat the carrier.
  6. Power on the firewall and connect a standard RJ-45 Ethernet cable from the RJ-45 port on your computer to the MGT port on the firewall.
  7. Change the IP address on your computer to an address in the network, such as
  8. From a web browser, go to and, when prompted, log in to the web interface using the default username and password (admin/admin).
  9. Configure management access and restore the firewall configuration.
    For information on how to upgrade or downgrade PAN-OS, see the New Features Guide for the PAN-OS version that your firewall is running. The New Features Guides are located on the Technical Documentation portal.

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