App Activation

You must activate Palo Alto Networks apps and services in the hub before you can use them.
You can't access an app in the hub until you (or someone in your organization) has
it. Prior to activation, all apps require some level of installation and/or configuration activity that occurs outside of the hub. Sometimes you must complete the installation/configuration of an app before you can activate it. Other times, you must activate the app must before you perform other installation/configuration steps. But either way, before the installation and/or configuration process is completed, the app must be activated.
See your app's product documentation for installation and configuration procedures.
To activate an app, log in to the hub,
Activate New App
, and follow the instructions on the subsequent screens. These will differ from app to app, so consult your product documentation for information about them. If you are activating a partner app, steps unique to the app's service are usually required before you can use the app.
To activate or use an app, your account must be assigned the proper roles.
After an app is activated, the hub automatically provisions it. During this brief period of time (measured in minutes), you will not be able to access the app. However, once the app is fully provisioned, you will see its tile when you are logged into the hub. Click the tile to open the app.

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