Assign App Permissions

Learn how to assign individual app permissions to users.
Some apps that support custom role creation also allow you to assign individual permissions to users. This kind of access control is useful when you want to grant specific permissions to a few users without having to create a new role.
  1. Log in to the hub and select
    Access Management
  2. Select the users to whom you want to assign permissions.
  3. Click
    Assign Roles
  4. Select the app for which you want to assign permissions.
    Not all apps support permission assignment.
  5. Click the dropdown of the app instance for which you want to grant the users permissions.
  6. Select
    Assign Permission
  7. Select permissions to grant the users.
  8. Save
    your selection.
    ) Select
    Save As New Role
    if you would like to reuse the set of permissions that you selected.
  9. Ensure that you successfully assigned permissions to the users.
    The dropdown of the instance should display the number of permissions you assigned the users and a button to

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