What’s New in the Hub

Learn about the new features in the hub.
Bulk Role Assignment
June 2020
To help you more quickly and easily manage access privileges, the hub now features a
Select All
button and enables you to select up to 100 users at a time for role assignment.
Role Visibility for Cortex XDR Licenses
May 2020
To help you better manage your roles for Cortex XDR administrative users, the hub now clearly indicates when an administrator has a role that is no longer available in your current XDR license tier.
For example, if you assign an administrator the Security Admin role (which requires a Cortex XDR Prevent or Cortex XDR Pro per Endpoint license) and change your license from Prevent to Pro per TB, the hub displays that administrator at the top of your list of users with a tooltip informing you to assign them a different role.
Custom Role Creation and Management
March 2020
For situations where predefined app roles don’t grant the permissions you need, you can now create custom roles from a list of granular permissions and assign them to Cortex XDR users from the hub.

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