Add a Subnet with Only Static IP Addresses

Assist IoT Security in discovering static IP devices by manually adding a subnet that contains static IP devices.
Instead of uploading a CSV file with a list of static IP subnets (see Upload a List of Subnets with Only Static IP Addresses), you can add them individually.
  1. Navigate to the Subnets page (
    ) and then click
    Add a subnet
  2. Define a subnet and then
    : Enter the IP address/netmask of the subnet you want to add. Enter the IP address of the subnet in dot-decimal notation and its netmask in CIDR notation (example,
    VLAN ID (optional)
    : Enter the VLAN ID for the subnet.
    : Enter a description of the VLAN/subnet, such as the type of devices for which it’s intended. These special characters are not allowed in the description field: ~ ` ! # $ % ^ & * + = { } [ ] | \ < > ?
    Mark this subnet as static
    : Select.
    It can take several minutes for new entries to appear on the Subnets page. You might have to reload the page to see the updated data.

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