Set up Microsoft SCCM for Integration

Set up Microsoft SCCM with a user account that Cortex XSOAR can use when securely connecting to it.
The only configuration that’s required for Microsoft SCCM is the creation of a user for XSOAR to authenticate itself to the SQL server when connecting.
  1. Configure a user account for Cortex XSOAR.
    1. Log in to the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio with an account that has permissions to create user accounts.
    2. Click
      in the navigation panel, right-click
      , and then click
      New Login
      The Login - New dialog box appears.
    3. In the General panel, configure a user account with either Windows authentication or SQL Server authentication and specify a default SQL database to which the account has access.
      Windows authentication
      : Select this option to authenticate the user through Active Directory.
      Login name
      : Enter the Windows
      for a user that was previously configured in Active Directory and has read-only access to the SQL server. For example:
      SQL Server authentication
      : Select this option to authenticate the user from accounts stored locally on the SQL server.
      Login name
      : Enter a name for the user account. For example:
      Confirm Password
      : Enter a password for the user account.
      User must change password at next login
      : (clear)
      Default database
      : Choose the database from which you want Cortex XSOAR to retrieve device information.
    4. In the User Mapping panel, give the account read-only access to the default database as well as any additional databases.
      Users mapped to this login
      : Select the check box for the SQL databases that you want to allow the account to access.
      Database role membership for
      <database-name>: For each database, select
  2. Save the new user account.
    to save the new login configuration.

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