Set up IoT Security and XSOAR for Qualys Integration

Set up IoT Security and Cortex XSOAR to integrate with Qualys.
  1. Log in to IoT Security and from there access Qualys settings in Cortex XSOAR.
    1. Log in to IoT Security and then click
    2. IoT Security uses Cortex XSOAR to integrate with Qualys, and the settings you must configure to integrate with it are in the XSOAR interface. To access these settings, click
      Launch Cortex XSOAR
      The Cortex XSOAR interface opens in a new browser window.
    3. If necessary, search for
      to locate it among other instances.
  2. Edit the settings for PANW IoT 3rd Party Qualys Integration Instance.
    1. Click the active integration instance settings icon ( ) to open the settings panel.
    2. Enter the following and leave other settings at their default values:
      Qualys API server URL
      : Enter the URL of the Qualys API server.
      : Enter the username of the Qualys API manager user account you previously created.
      : Enter the password associated with user account.
      Run on Single engine
      : Choose
      No engine
      Do not change the default integration instance name. The XSOAR jobs that support vulnerability scans from the Device Details page in the IoT Security portal rely on XSOAR playbooks that refer to this integration instance name specifically.
    3. When finished, click
      Run test
      If the test is successful, a Success message appears. If not, check that the settings were entered correctly and then test the configuration again.
    4. After the test succeeds, click
      Save & exit
      to save your changes and close the settings panel.
  3. To enable PANW IoT 3rd Party Qualys Integration Instance, click
  4. (
    ) Create more integration instances to retrieve vulnerability scan reports from additional Qualys accounts.
    To create another integration instance, repeat the previous steps, entering a unique name for the new instance and different settings as appropriate for your other Qualys account.
    Additional integration instances are useful in XSOAR jobs that retrieve vulnerability scan reports incrementally and in bulk from multiple Qualys accounts. For more information, see Get Vulnerability Scan Reports from Qualys.
  5. Return to the IoT Security portal and check the status of the Qualys integration instance.
    When you see that the status of the Qualys instance—or instances if you configured and enabled more than one—has changed from
    , the IoT Security/Cortex XSOAR setup is complete.

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