Set up Aruba WLAN Controllers for Integration

Set up Aruba WLAN controllers for integration with IoT Security through Cortex XSOAR.
When an XSOAR engine connects to an Aruba WLAN controller, it must authenticate itself by presenting a valid username and password belonging to a management user account with read-only privileges. It can either use an existing user account or one that you can create specifically for it.
  1. Create a management user with read-only privileges.
    1. Log in to the UI for one of the Aruba WLAN controllers with a user account that has privileges for creating new users and then click
    2. In the Management User section, make sure
      Enable local authentication
      is toggled on and then click
      in the
      Management Users
    3. Enter a username and password for the XSOAR engine to use when connecting to the controller, choose
      for the role, and then click
      The new user appears in the Management Users table.
  2. Click the
    Pending Changes
    icon that appears in the upper right corner of the UI.
  3. Record the username and password for reference when configuring the integration instance in Cortex XSOAR.

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