Set up Cisco WLAN Controllers for Integration

Set up Cisco WLAN controllers for integration with IoT Security through Cortex XSOAR.
When an XSOAR engine connects to a Cisco WLAN controller, it must authenticate itself by presenting a valid username and password belonging to a user account with read/write privileges. It can either use an existing user account or one that you can create specifically for it.
The following instructions are based on Cisco controller software release
  1. Create a user with read/write privileges.
    1. Log in to the UI for one of the WLAN controllers and click
      Local Management
    2. On the
      Local Management
      page, enter the following and then click
      User Name
      : Enter the name for the user account.
      Confirm Password
      : Enter a password for the user account.
      Usernames and passwords are case-sensitive and can contain up to 24 ASCII characters. They cannot contain spaces and they cannot have characters repeated more than three times consecutively.
      User Access Mode
    3. To save your changes, click
      Save Configuration
  2. Repeat the above steps to create user accounts on other controllers to which XSOAR engines must connect.

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