Web Security: Objects

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Web Security: Objects

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Web Security: Objects

Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
  • NGFW (Cloud Managed)
  • NGFW (PAN-OS & Panorama Managed)
  • Prisma Access (Cloud Managed)
  • Prisma Access (Panorama Managed)
Check for any license or role requirements for the products you're using:
Web Security
is where you’ll find the objects that are supported for a web access policy. Because Web Security is part of your regular configuration hierarchy, you can reuse objects and profiles you've created.
To go to Web Security
, select
NGFW and Prisma Access
Security Services
Web Security
, and the select
Helps you:
Device Posture
Specify a checklist of device categories and other device criteria for devices to be evaluated against.
Specify device categories that you want to be able to enforce.
Application Group with Control
Define your organization's applications and associated risks. Additionally, you can group a collection of applications to create Application Groups or Application Categories that require the same policy enforcement and simplifies administration of your rulebase by allowing you to update only the affected application group, rather than multiple policies, when there is a change of applications you support. Create an Application Category to dynamically group applications based on application attributes that you define. This is useful when you want to safely enable access to applications that you do not explicitly sanction but want users to be able to access.

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