Next-Generation CASB

Our next-generation CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) solution provides multi-faceted security for your business. 

  • Prisma Access provides centralized control across your entire organization and simplifies operations by bringing SASE and CASB together in a unified, cloud-delivered console. Optimized workflows and ML-based automation provide simplified configuration as well as deployment flexibility to easily and effortlessly enable your hybrid workforce.
  • SaaS Security secures all apps, whether on premises or in the cloud. Scans all traffic, ports, and protocols, discovers new apps, detects and remediates misconfigured security settings, and leverages our API-based coverage of SaaS apps to protect data and harden configurations.
  • Enterprise DLP provides unparalleled protection of sensitive data. More detection engines and more control points ensure high accuracy thanks to a comprehensive set of content aware technologies that seamlessly extend consistent data protection across SaaS, IaaS, network, branch offices and hybrid workforces.
  • WildFire Malware Analysis leverages more than 15 years of innovation in malware analysis and takes advantage of the world’s largest datasets to quickly and easily stop threats with inline, real-time, zero-day protections.
Our next-generation CASB-X solution provides all the security capabilities and components of CASB across both Prisma Access and the Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs). The CASB-X license applies to Cloud-Managed Prisma Access, Panorama-Managed Prisma Access, and Panorama-Managed NGFWs in a single tenant environment.


Enterprise DLP

SaaS Security