Cloud Management and AIOps for NGFW

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Cloud Management and AIOps for NGFWs

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Cloud Management and AIOps for NGFW

Cloud management and AIOps features for NGFWs.
Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
  • Strata Cloud Manager
  • AIOps for NGFW Premium
    (includes cloud management for NGFWs)
  • AIOps for NGFW Free
    (does not include cloud management for NGFWs)
AIOps for NGFW proactively addresses operational challenges like misconfigurations, human errors, compliance with best practices, resource usage, zero-day threats, and hardware and software failures. It leverages PAN-OS telemetry data to provide visibility into device health and security posture, and surfaces actionable steps you can take to remediate issues while also providing inline recommendations and checks. AIOps for NGFW comes in a Free and Premium and enables you to:
Manage your NGFWs from the cloud
AIOps for NGFW Premium
, you can use
Strata Cloud Manager
to manage your NGFWs from the cloud. Here's how to get started.
Track adoption for new features and your CDSS subscription services
Monitor the use of security features and CDSS subscription services, and ensure compliance with best practices from activation to configuration to compliance.
Prevent and remediate issues caused by misconfiguration
Clean up and streamline your security policy based on usage data and auto-generated recommendations, Objects that aren’t referenced in policy and rules without any traffic hits can clog up performance and complicate policy management.
Proactively improve security posture
Get a more comprehensive view of your security posture so you can verify that you're protected against threats. Tighten security posture by aligning with best practices. Leverage enhanced tools to assess your Panorama, NGFW, and Panorama-managed Prisma Access security configurations against best practices and remediate failed best practice checks.
Achieve a unified view into security effectiveness
Achieve a unified view into security effectiveness with interactive, use-case driven dashboards.
Strata Cloud Manager
dashboards bring together data from across the Palo Alto Networks products and subscriptions you're using, to give you a unified view of your enterprise traffic and overall health and security:
  • The executive summary dashboard shows you how Palo Alto Networks security subscriptions are working for you
  • A custom dashboard, where you can add threat data and insights that matter to you most
  • The Advanced Threat Prevention dashboard provides insight into threats detected in your network and identify opportunities to strengthen your security posture.
  • The DNS Security dashboard shows you how your DNS Security subscription is protecting you from advanced threats and malware that use DNS.
  • The WildFire dashboard shows you how WildFire is protecting you from net new malware that’s concealed in files, executables, and email links.
  • The Data Loss Prevention dashboard gives insights into the applications to which most uploads are prevented by DLP and the total number of files that are blocked by DLP in your network.
  • See all dashboards available with AIOps for NGFW Free or AIOps for NGFW Premium.
Proactively avoid firewall disruptions
  • Proactively detect firewall health and performance issues, and get recommendations for how to take action. ML-powered analysis quickly identifies the root cause of issues.
  • A new SD-WAN dashboard provides an overall view into the health and performance of your SD-WAN network.
  • The Device Health dashboard shows you the cumulative health status and performance of your deployment based on the health scores of the onboarded NGFW devices.
Address operational challenges
Capacity analyzer helps you to resolve issues related to resource usage, hardware and software issues, memory depletion, logging issues, traffic-related issues, flood detection, feature-specific vulnerability detection and more.
Plan upgrades and minimize downtime
Create customized upgrade recommendations to determine the best software version for your devices that can be upgraded.
Unified alerting
With Incidents & Alerts, you get a singular view of your incidents and alerts across NGFWs. Here is the reference for the alerts raised by AIOps for NGFW.

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