Onboard NGFWs to Strata Cloud Manager
Next-Generation Firewall

Onboard Devices and Deployments

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Onboard NGFWs to
Strata Cloud Manager

Onboard your cloud management deployments and PAN-OS devices.
Contact your account team to enable Cloud Management for NGFWs using Strata Cloud Manager.
Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
  • NGFW (Managed by Strata Cloud Manager)
  • VM-Series, funded with Software NGFW Credits
  • AIOps for NGFW Premium license (use the Strata Cloud Manager app)
  • Strata Logging Service
Introducing Cloud Management for NGFWs
Manage your Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation firewalls from
Strata Cloud Manager
. Cloud Management of NGFW is a cloud-delivered and AI-powered security solution to manage Palo Alto Networks' advanced ML-powered firewalls alongside your Prisma Access deployments.
Cloud Management of NGFWs is done from a single streamlined user interface and leverages Palo Alto Networks best-in-class cloud-delivered security services. To manage your Next-Gen firewalls from
Strata Cloud Manager
, you must enable
AIOps for NGFW Premium
which also draws on PAN-OS device telemetry data to give you an overview of the health and security of your cloud managed NGFWs. For logging,
Strata Logging Service
provides a secure, resilient, and fault tolerant centralized log storage and aggregation.
The Strata Cloud Manager Command Center is your new homepage in Strata Cloud Manager. The Strata Command Center provides a consolidated view of the Palo Alto Networks Network security platform and highlights areas where you can take direct actions to improve the health of your network. All the open threats, risks, and incidents impacting your network are all in one place. Strata Cloud Manager surfaces immediate actions you can take to improve security.

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