End-of-Life (EoL)

Device Telemetry

PAN-OS device telemetry is used to power telemetry apps that make it easier to monitor and manage firewalls.
Device Telemetry has been extended to collect more data from your firewall. This data is still used for the same threat intelligence purposes as it was for past PAN-OS releases. However, the additional telemetry data that PAN-OS now collects is used to maximize the benefits you enjoy from the products and services that Palo Alto Networks delivers. It does this by powering applications designed to improve your visibility into device health, performance, capacity planning, and configuration.
All telemetry data is collected and stored locally on your device for a limited period of time. This data is shared with Palo Alto Networks when you configure your next-generation firewall or Panorama to send it to Cortex Data Lake.
All of the metrics collected by device telemetry is described in the PAN-OS Device Telemetry Metrics Reference Guide.

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