End-of-Life (EoL)

Enhanced Performance for Panorama Query and Reporting

Enhanced query performance to reduce the time needed for Panorama to generated reports.
To improve the way the Panorama™ management server queries log data to generate reports, PAN-OS 10.0 introduces the ability to cache previously run queries to decrease the time needed to show results and generate reports. By leveraging caching, Panorama can store query results for use in future queries that use the same parameters. For example, if you run a report for the last hour and then run a report using identical parameters for the last six hours, Panorama reuses the already generated and cached query results to build the new report for the last six hours. This enhancement is supported for custom, ACC, SaaS, and User Activity reports and must use the identical query parameters for Panorama to utilize the cached reports. After Panorama reaches the cached report storage limit, Panorama automatically deletes the old cached reports in order to cache a new report.
  1. Generate a custom threat report for the last seven days.
  2. Review the generated custom threat custom report.
  3. Generate a custom threat report using identical report parameters as in Step 2.
    To leverage enhanced performance for Panorama query and reporting, the report parameters must be identical but the time frame does not.
  4. Review the cached log storage quota to understand how much storage is available before Panorama begins overwriting the oldest cached queries to storage new queries.

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