End-of-Life (EoL)

Log Query Debugging

Troubleshoot your log queries to debug any issues as they arise.
PAN-OS 10.0 introduces enhanced visibility in to log query jobs on the Panorama™ management server to help administrators investigate and better understand why querying log data is taking a longer than expected. To begin, you must first show all log query jobs run on the Panorama. After you identify the log query job that you need to investigate, use the job ID to view detailed information about the query to better understand why your log query is running into issues. When querying log data on Panorama the detailed job ID information is overwritten as new log query jobs are executed.
  1. View the log query jobs executed on Panorama.
    The CLI output includes general information about each executed log query such as the jod ID, when the query was run, the query state, the log database that was queried, the number of logs queried, how long (in ms) it took for the query to return results, the admin that executed the query. and any filters applied to the query.
    show query jobs
  2. View details log query information about a specific job using the job ID.
    show query jobid <Job ID>

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