End-of-Life (EoL)

SD-WAN Forward Error Correction

Forward error correction (FEC) is a method of correcting certain data transmission errors that occur over noisy communication lines, thereby improving data reliability without requiring retransmission. FEC is helpful for applications that are sensitive to packet loss or corruption, such as audio, VoIP, and video conferencing. With FEC, the receiving firewall can recover lost or corrupted packets by employing parity bits that the sending encoder embeds in an application flow. Repairing the flow avoids the need for SD-WAN data to fail over to another path or for TCP to resend packets. FEC can also help with UDP applications by recovering the lost or corrupt packets, since UDP does not retransmit packets.
  1. Configure an SD-WAN Interface Profile, where you select
    Eligible for Error Correction Profile interface selection
  2. Configure a Physical Ethernet Interface for SD-WAN and apply the SD-WAN Interface Profile to an Ethernet interface.
  3. Create an Error Correction Profile, which specifies the packet loss threshold, the packet loss correction ratio, and the recovery duration that the profile applies to applications in the SD-WAN policy rule.
  4. Configure an SD-WAN Policy Rule and reference the Error Correction Profile you created, along with the applications.

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