End-of-Life (EoL)

SD-WAN Packet Duplication

Brief description of SD-WAN Packet Duplication.
SD-WAN supports packet duplication as a method of error correction and an alternative to Forward Error Correction (FEC). Packet duplication is helpful for applications that are sensitive to packet loss or corruption, such as audio, VoIP, and video conferencing. Packet duplication performs a complete duplication of an application session from one tunnel to a second tunnel. Packet duplication requires more resources than FEC and should be used only for critical applications that have low tolerance for dropped packets.
  1. Configure an SD-WAN Interface Profile, where you select
    Eligible for Error Correction Profile interface selection
  2. Configure a Physical Ethernet Interface for SD-WAN and apply the SD-WAN Interface Profile to an Ethernet interface.
  3. Create an Error Correction Profile, which specifies the packet loss threshold and the recovery duration that the profile applies to applications in the SD-WAN policy rule.
  4. Configure an SD-WAN Policy Rule and reference the Error Correction Profile you created, along with the applications.

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