View the Entire Command Hierarchy

find command
without any parameters to display the entire command hierarchy in the current command mode. For example, running this command from operational mode on a VM-Series Palo Alto Networks device yields the following (partial result):
find command
target set <value> target show schedule uar-report user <value> user-group <value> skip-detailed-browsing <yes|no> title <value> period <value> start-time <value> end-time <value> vsys <value> schedule botnet-report period <last-calendar-day|last-24-hrs> topn <1-500> query <value> clear arp <value>|<all> clear neighbor <value>|<all> clear mac <value>|<all> clear job id <0-4294967295> clear query id <0-4294967295> clear query all-by-session clear report id <0-4294967295> clear report all-by-session clear report cache clear log traffic clear log threat clear log config clear log system clear log alarm clear log acc clear log hipmatch clear log userid clear log iptag clear wildfire counters clear counter interface clear counter global name <value> clear counter global filter category <value> severity <value> aspect <value> pac ket-filter <yes|no> clear counter all clear session id <1-4294967295> clear session all filter nat <none|source|destination|both> ssl-decrypt <yes|no> type <flow|predict> state <initial|opening|active|discard|closing|closed> from <value> to <value> source <ip/netmask> destination <ip/netmask> source-user <value> destination-user <value> source-port <1-65535> destination-port <1-65535> protocol <1-255> application <value> rule <value> nat-rule <value> qos-rule <value> pbf-rule <value> dos-rule <value> hw-interface <value> min-kb <1-1048576> qos-node-id <0-5000>|<-2> qos-class <1-8> vsys-name <value>|<any> clear application-signature statistics clear nat-rule-cache rule <value> clear statistics clear high-availability control-link statistics clear high-availability transitions clear vpn ike-sa gateway <value> clear vpn ipsec-sa tunnel <value> clear vpn ike-preferred-version gateway <value> clear vpn ike-hashurl clear vpn flow tunnel-id <1-2147483648> clear dhcp lease all expired-only clear dhcp lease interface clear dhcp lease interface <name> ip <ip/netmask> :

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