Upgrade a WildFire Cluster from Panorama without an Internet Connection

WildFire appliances in a cluster can be upgraded in parallel when they are managed by Panorama. If Panorama does not have a direct connection to the internet, you must download the software content and updates from the Palo Alto Networks Support site and host them on an internal server before they can be distributed by Panorama.
Panorama can only manage WildFire appliances and appliance clusters operating the same software version or a later software version.
  1. Upgrade Panorama to an equal or later release than the target software release you want to install on the WildFire cluster.
    For information on upgrading Panorama, refer to Install Content and Software Updates for Panorama.
  2. Temporarily suspend sample analysis.
    1. Stop firewalls from forwarding any new samples to the WildFire appliance.
      1. Log in to the firewall web interface.
      2. Select
        Device > Setup > WildFire
        and edit
        General Settings
      3. Clear the
        WildFire Private Cloud
      4. Click
    2. Confirm that analysis for samples the firewalls already submitted to the appliance is complete:
      1. Log in to the Panorama web interface.
      2. Select
        Panorama > Managed WildFire Clusters
        the cluster analysis environment
      3. Verify that the
        Virtual Machine Usage
        does not show any sample analysis in progress.
      If you do not want to wait for the WildFire appliance to finish analyzing recently-submitted samples, you can continue to the next step. However, consider that the WildFire appliance then drops pending samples from the analysis queue.
  3. Download the WildFire content and software updates to a host that has internet access. Panorama must have access to the host.
    1. Use a host with internet access to log in to the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support web site
    2. Download content updates:
      1. Click
        Dynamic Updates
        in the Tools section.
      2. Download
        the desired content update and save the file to the host. Perform this step for each content type you will update.
    3. Download software updates:
      1. Return to the main page of the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support web site and click
        Software Updates
        in the Tools section.
      2. Review the Download column to determine the version to install. The filename of the update package indicates the model and release of the upgrade: WildFire_<release>.
      3. Click the filename and save the file to the host.
  4. Install the latest WildFire appliance content update.
    These updates equip the appliance with the latest threat information to accurately detect malware.
    You must install content updates before installing software upgrades. Refer to the Release Notes for the minimum content release version you must install for a Panorama release.
    1. Download the WildFire content update:
      1. Select
        Panorama > Device Deployment > Dynamic Updates.
      2. Click
        , select the content
        to the WildFire content update file, and click
      3. Click
        Install From File
        , select the package
        , the
        File Name
        , and the WildFire appliances in the cluster that you want to upgrade, then click
    2. Click
      to start the installation.
  5. Download the PAN-OS software version to the WildFire appliance.
    You cannot skip any major release version when upgrading the WildFire appliance. For example, if you want to upgrade from PAN-OS 9.1 to PAN-OS 10.1, you must first download and install PAN-OS 10.0.
    1. Download the WildFire software upgrade:
      1. Select
        Panorama > Device Deployment > Software
      2. Click
        Check Now
        to retrieve an updated list of releases.
      3. Select the WildFire release that you wish to install and click
      4. Click
        to exit the
        Download Software
    2. Click
    3. Select the WildFire cluster(s) that you want to upgrade.
    4. Select Reboot device after install:
    5. Click
      to start the installation.
    6. (Optional) Monitor installation progress on Panorama.
  6. (
    ) View the status of the reboot tasks on the WildFire controller node.
    On the WildFire cluster controller, run the following command and look for the job type
    and Status
    show cluster task pending
  7. Check that the WildFire appliance is ready to resume sample analysis.
    1. Verify that the sw-version field shows 10.1.0:
      show system info | match sw-version
    2. Confirm that all processes are running:
      show system software status
    3. Confirm that the auto-commit (
      ) job is complete:
      show jobs all

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