Enable API Access

The API supports the following types of Administrators and Admin roles:
  • Dynamic roles: Superuser, Superuser (readonly), Device admin, Device admin (readonly), Vsys admin, Vsys admin (readonly)
  • Role-based Admins: Device, Vsys, Panorama.
Admin Role profiles enable or disable features on the management interfaces of the firewall or Panorama, XML API, web interface, and CLI. For more details on Administrative Roles, see Configure an Admin Role Profile.
As a best practice, set up a separate admin account for XML API access.
  1. Select an Admin Role profile.
    Go to
    Admin Roles
    and select or create an admin role.
  2. Select features available to the admin role.
    1. Select the
      XML API
    2. Enable or disable XML API features from the list, such as
      , and
    3. Select
      to confirm your change.
  3. Assign the admin role to an administrator account.

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