Use the Web Interface to Find XML API Syntax

You can use the web interface along with the available debug console to explore the XML and XPath necessary for your API calls.
First log into the web interface and then open a separate window where you can view the corresponding XML and XPath.
  1. Launch the web interface.
    Launch a web browser and enter the firewall’s IP address or hostname. Enter your user credentials.
  2. Launch the debug console.
    In a separate web browser window or tab, launch the debug console:
  3. Perform the action you want to replicate through the API.
    In the web browser, navigate to the menu and item or action that you want to perform.
    To aid in finding the relevant XML, select
    in the debug console just before you select the final menu or action.
  4. View the resulting XML syntax in the debug console.
    In the debug console, select
    and then navigate through the console to the syntax related to your choice or action:
    Example XML within debug console:
    <request cmd="op" cookie="3885378180190727"> <operations xml="yes"> <show> <system> <info/> </system> </show> </operations> </request>
    The corresponding API call looks like this:
    curl -X GET "https://<firewall>/api/?type=op&cmd=<show><system><info></info></system></show>&key=<apikey>"

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