Upgrade the Firewall to PAN-OS 10.2

Upgrade options for PAN-OS 10.2.
How you upgrade to PAN-OS 10.2 depends on whether you have standalone firewalls or firewalls in a high availability (HA) configuration and, for either scenario, whether you use Panorama to manage your firewalls. Review the PAN-OS 10.2 Release Notes and then follow the procedure specific to your deployment:
When upgrading firewalls that you manage with Panorama or firewalls that are configured to forward content to a WildFire appliance, you must first upgrade Panorama and its Log Collectors and then upgrade the WildFire appliance before you upgrade the firewalls.
Additionally, it is not recommended to manage firewalls running a later maintenance release than Panorama as this may result in features not working as expected. For example, it is not recommended to manage firewalls running PAN-OS 10.1.1 or later maintenance releases if Panorama is running PAN-OS 10.1.0.

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