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Use the PAN-OS 11.0 CLI Quick Start to get up and running with the PAN-OS and Panorama command-line interface (CLI) quickly and easily. It includes instructions for logging in to the CLI and creating admin accounts. In addition, it provides instructions on how to find a command and how to get syntactical help and command reference information on how to use the command. This guide also provides cheat sheets with the most common CLI commands in each functional area, as well as more advance topics such as how to load a partial configuration.

Getting Started

Featured Topics

CLI Changes in PAN-OS 11.0

See what changed in the PAN-OS CLI configure commands in PAN-OS 11.0.

Refresh Your SSH Keys for Secure Access to the CLI

You can use the CLI to change the default host key type, generate a new pair of public and private SSH host keys, and configure other SSH encryption settings to ensure secure access to the CLI.

CLI Cheat Sheets

Use these handy CLI cheat sheets to help you manage common features such as User-ID, networking, Panorama from the command-line interface (CLI).

Recommended Topics

Modify the Configuration

Learn how to modify the device configuration from the CLI using the set, delete, and edit commands.

CLI Jump Start

Use this quick reference to see the most common commands you will need to begin managing your next-gen firewall using the command-line interface (CLI).

Commit Configuration Changes

Validate, save, and perform a full or partial commit from the CLI.