Override Configuration

to override a setting that was pushed to a firewall from a template. Use the
parameter to specify the location of the object to override.
  1. Override the SNMP Trap profile configuration settings that were pushed to the firewall using a template:
    curl -X GET "https://<firewall>/api/?key=apikey&type=config&action=override&xpath=/config/shared/log-settings/snmptrap&element=<entry name="snmp" src="tpl"><version src="tpl"><v2c src="tpl"><server src="tpl"><entry name="test" src="tpl"><manager src="tpl"></manager><community src="tpl">test</community></entry></server></v2c></version></entry>"
  2. Confirm that the XML response for the request looks like the following:
    <response status="success" code="20"> <msg>command succeeded</msg> </response>

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