PAN-OS SD-WAN Features

What new SD-WAN features are in PAN-OS 11.0?
PAN-OS SD-WAN features in PAN-OS 11.0.
New SD-WAN Feature
SD-WAN Plugin Support for Advanced Routing Engine
We have enhanced the SD-WAN plugin 3.1.0 to support logical routers for branches and hubs that use advanced routing engines. With SD-WAN plugin 3.1.0 configured with an advanced routing option, all SD-WAN related objects are automatically generated in logical routers rather than virtual routers. SD-WAN plugin 3.1.0 running PAN-OS 11.0 offers an advanced routing engine that relies on industry-standard configuration methodology, which facilitates the administrator tasks. It allows the creation of profiles that are used for different functions (such as, filtering, redistribution, and metric changes), all of which can be used across logical routers. These profiles provide finer granularity to filter routes for each dynamic routing protocol and improve route redistribution across multiple protocols.

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