The topics in this site provide detailed concepts and steps to help you deploy a new Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall, including how to integrate the firewall into your network, register the firewall, activate licenses and subscriptions, and configure policy and threat prevention features. 

After you perform the basic configuration steps, you can use the rest of the topics in this guide to help you deploy the comprehensive security operating platform features as necessary to address your network security needs and prevent successful cyberattacks. 

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What’s New in PAN-OS 7.1

Excited about all of the new features Palo Alto Networks introduced in PAN-OS 7.1? So are we! Use the PAN-OS 7.1 New Features Guide to learn how to use the new features to solve your security problems. The topics in this site briefly introduce each new feature and provide the steps you need to get started using them quickly and easily.

Bootstrap the Firewall

Best Practice Internet Gateway Security Policy

PDF Report for Visibility into SaaS Applications

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Compatible Firewall Models

Cipher Suites Supported in PAN-OS 7.1

Cipher suites supported on firewalls running a PAN-OS® 7.1 release in normal operation mode.

Configure SSL Decryption

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NAT Configuration Examples

Source NAT and Destination NAT

Perform Initial Configuration

Configure User Mapping Using the Windows User-ID Agent