End-of-Life (EoL)

Register the Firewall

Before you can activate support and other licenses and subscriptions, you must first register the firewall.
  1. Log in to the web interface.
    Using a secure connection (https) from your web browser, log in using the new IP address and password you assigned during initial configuration (https://<IP address>).
  2. Locate your serial number and copy it to the clipboard.
    On the
    , locate your
    Serial Number
    in the General Information section of the screen.
  3. Register the firewall.
    You must have a support account to register a firewall. If you do not yet have a support account, click the
    link on the support login page and follow the instructions to get your account set up and register the firewall.
    If you already have a support account, log in and register the hardware-based firewall as follows:
    1. Select
    2. Click
      Register New Device
    3. Select
      Register device using Serial Number or Authorization Code
      and click
    4. Enter the firewall
      Serial Number
      (you can copy and paste it from the firewall Dashboard).
    5. (Optional) Enter the
      Device Name
      Device Tag
    6. Provide information about where you plan to deploy the firewall including the
      Postal Code
      , and
    7. Read the end-user license agreement (EULA) and then click
      Agree and Submit

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