End-of-Life (EoL)

App Scope

The App Scope reports provide visibility and analysis tools to help pinpoint problematic behavior, helping you understand changes in application usage and user activity, users and applications that take up most of the network bandwidth, and identify network threats.
With the App Scope reports, you can quickly see if any behavior is unusual or unexpected. Each report provides a dynamic, user-customizable window into the network; hovering the mouse over and clicking either the lines or bars on the charts opens detailed information about the specific application, application category, user, or source on the ACC. The App Scope charts on
App Scope
give you the ability to:
  • Toggle the attributes in the legend to only view chart details that you want to review. The ability to include or exclude data from the chart allows you to change the scale and review details more closely.
  • Click into an attribute in a bar chart and drill down to the related sessions in the ACC. Click into an Application name, Application Category, Threat Name, Threat Category, Source IP address or Destination IP address on any bar chart to filter on the attribute and view the related sessions in the ACC.
  • Export a chart or map to PDF or as an image. For portability and offline viewing, you can Export charts and maps as PDFs or PNG images.
The following App Scope reports are available:

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