End-of-Life (EoL)

Monitor Applications and Threats

All Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls come equipped with the App-ID technology, which identifies the applications traversing your network, irrespective of protocol, encryption, or evasive tactic. You can then Use the Application Command Center to monitor the applications. The ACC graphically summarizes the data from a variety of log databases to highlight the applications traversing your network, who is using them, and their potential security impact. ACC is dynamically updated, using the continuous traffic classification that App-ID performs; if an application changes ports or behavior, App-ID continues to see the traffic, displaying the results in ACC. Additional visibility into URL categories, threats, and data provides a complete and well-rounded picture of network activity. With ACC, you can very quickly learn more about the traffic traversing the network and then translate that information into a more informed security policy
You can also Use the Dashboard to monitor the network.
View AutoFocus Threat Data for Logs to check whether logged events on the firewall pose a security risk. The AutoFocus intelligence summary shows the prevalence of properties, activities, or behaviors associated with logs in your network and on a global scale, as well as the WildFire verdict and AutoFocus tags linked to them. With an active AutoFocus subscription, you can use this information to create customized AutoFocus Alerts that track specific threats on your network.

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